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Playing Conditions 2016

Divisions 3, 4 and 5 1st XI's and Divisions 1, 2 & 3 2nd XI's

These Playing Conditions are in addition to the League Constitution


1.1 All matches shall commence at 12.30 pm,

1.2 The normal duration of play shall be 100 overs.

1.3 The side batting first shall occupy not more than 50 overs.

1.4 The side batting second shall occupy the balance of the 100 overs, ignoring any odd balls.

1.5 Two new balls as specified by the Management Committee shall be used for each match.

1.6 One new ball shall be taken at the start of each innings

1.7 There shall be a tea interval of 30 minutes which, unless the captains agree otherwise, shall normally take place between innings.

1.8 In the event of a delayed start due to adverse playing conditions, no overs shall be deducted for the first 15 minutes. Thereafter, the match shall be reduced in length by two overs for every six minutes lost. The side batting first shall occupy not more than half the total overs.

1.9 No match may start later than two hours and fifteen minutes after the appointed start time, nor be reduced to fewer than 60 overs.

1.10 No match, once started, shall be reduced in length.

1.11 A match in which a definite result is not achieved, and in which fewer than 50 overs are completed, shall be deemed to be abandoned.

1.12 A match in which a definite result is not achieved, and the agreed number of overs have not been completed, but in which a minimum of 50 overs have been bowled, shall be an incomplete match.

1.13 In the event of an interruption in play, the final hour shall commence at 6.20 pm from which time a minimum of 20 overs shall be bowled.

1.14 In the event of interference by weather or bad light in the last hour of play (as defined in 1.13), one over shall be deducted for each three minutes, or fraction thereof, that is lost. Before the recommencement of play, the umpires shall indicate to the scorers and players the minimum number of overs to be bowled.

1.15 Umpires shall call the last over of each innings in such a way as to be understood by the batsmen, the captain of the fielding side, and the scorers.

1.16 Prior to the commencement of the final over of the match, the umpires shall confirm the score and indicate clearly to the batsmen and the captain of the fielding side the number of runs required to win.

1.17 Each Club shall provide a suitable umpire, who may not participate as a player in that match. In the event of a Club not providing an umpire who is ready to officiate ten minutes prior to the start time, they shall EITHER forfeit the toss, and the choice as to whether to bat or field first shall pass automatically to the opposition, OR they may opt to play with ten players and nominate the eleventh player as the designated umpire.

1.18 If a Club chooses to forfeit the toss, their opponents MUST provide members of their team to stand as the square leg umpire, or to share umpiring duties, at the discretion of the bona fide umpire. Both sides when batting MUST provide a temporary umpire to officiate at all times during their innings.

1.19 Each Club should provide a scorer for each match. A side that fails to provide a scorer shall ensure that they nominate two people to 'man' the scorebox, or scoring table, throughout the innings of their own side.

1.20 If, during the match, a bowler is unable to complete an over for any reason, the remaining balls shall be completed by another member of the fielding side. Such part of an over will count as a full over only in so far as each bowlers limit is concerned. No bowler may bowl two consecutive overs or part overs.

1.21 At the instant of delivery, a maximum of five fielders may be outside an area bounded by two semi circles centred on each middle stump (each with a radius of 30 yards) and joined by a parallel line on each side of the pitch. In the event of an infringement, the square leg umpire shall call 'No Ball'.

1.22 The fielding circle shall be marked with painted white dots at 5 yard intervals, each dot to be covered by a white plastic or rubber (not metal) disc measuring seven inches in diameter. It is the responsibility of the home team to ensure that the discs are in place prior to the start of the match.

1.23 Abandoned Matches. In advance of the scheduled start time, no match may be abandoned without the prior consent of the captain of the away team, who shall have the right to inspect the ground before reaching a decision, if he so chooses. A home team abandoning a match without the consent of the opposing captain shall be deemed to have forfeited the match to the away team.

Should the home team seek to abandon the match because they consider conditions to be unfit for play, but the captain of the away team disagrees, the umpires shall have the power to overrule the home team if in their view the conditions are clearly fit for play.

Once a match has commenced, the Laws of cricket and the rules of the League shall apply.

1.24 The home team are responsible for ensuring that pitches are covered during any rain interruption and during intervals if there is rain or the threat of rain. The home team must therefore have covers available that are fit for the purpose, and must put them on should either the umpires or the away team so request. In the event that the home team consider such a request to be unreasonable, the umpires shall be the sole arbiters. Failure to comply with this regulation will incur a penalty of ten points deducted.

1.25 Teams are required to adhere strictly to the ECB Fast Bowling Directives, ECB Fielding Directives and the ECB Helmet Safety Directives.

1.26 Umpires shall interpret the Law relating to wide deliveries in the context of whether the batsman has a reasonable opportunity of playing the ball, and in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Management Committee. This will mean a stricter ruling than the letter of the Law provides, albeit not as strict as the interpretation for 'limited over wides'.

1.27 The restriction on bowlers running down the pitch shall be 5 feet in front and parallel with the popping crease and 1 foot either side of the centre stumps from end to end.

1.28 No bowler may bowl more than 15 overs in any one innings. In a rain reduced match the following will apply:-

90 - 98 over match - 14 overs per bowler

80 - 88 over match - 13 overs per bowler

70 - 78 over match - 12 overs per bowler

60 - 68 over match - 11 overs per bowler

1.29 In a match where the side batting first declares their innings and the side batting second has a balance of overs remaining of more than half the overs due in the match, any bowler in the side bowling second may bowl their prescribed allocation plus one additional over for every additional 4 overs of that balance at the start of that innings. Such additional overs may be bowled at any time during that innings.

1.30 In a match where the side batting first is bowled out and the side batting second has a balance of overs remaining of more than half the overs due in the match, any bowler in the side bowling second may bowl their prescribed allocation plus one additional over for every additional 4 overs of that balance at the start of that innings. No bowler may bowl any additional overs until the 50th over (or half the total number of overs of that match in a rain reduced match) of that innings is completed.

1.31 Bats of Grade A, B and C may be used.


2.1 (a) In the event of a side winning a toss and electing to bat first twenty points shall be awarded for a win by the side batting first and twenty points for a win by the side batting second.

2.1 (b) In the event of a side winning a toss and electing to bat second twenty points shall be awarded for a win by the side batting first and sixteen points for a win by the side batting second.

2.2 In a match where the sides finish with equal scores (a tie or a tied draw), ten points shall be awarded to each side.

2.3 When the agreed number of overs has been completed without reaching a definite result, six points shall be awarded to the side scoring the greater number of runs.

2.4 In addition, one bonus point will be awarded for achieving each of the following targets:

125 runs, 150 runs, 175 runs, 200 runs and 3 wickets taken , 5 wickets taken , 7 wickets taken, 9 wickets taken.

2.5 However, sides that receive points for a win, a tie or a tied draw shall not receive bonus points.

2.6 In the event of a match being abandoned, each side shall receive eight points.

2.7 In the event of an incomplete match (as defined in 1.12), each side shall receive five points, plus any bonus points they have earned in the course of the match.

2.8 In the event of a delayed start reducing the total number of overs in a match, the thresholds for batting bonus points shall be pro-rated according to the number of overs available (e.g. in a match reduced to 30 overs per side, bonus points would be earned at 30/50 of the normal levels, i.e. 75, 90, 105 and 120 runs).

2.9 Forfeiture of a match shall be deemed to be a breach of conduct by the offending Club. In the event of a team failing to fulfil a fixture, the following minimum penalties will apply: i) They will be deemed to have lost the match and will receive no points. ii) A further 20 points will be deducted from their total for the season. iii) A fine of £50 shall be payable to the League. iv) The offending Club will be liable for any expenses incurred by the other Club involved.

2.10 Where a side fails to fulfil a fixture, their opponents shall be awarded twenty points.


3.1 Each innings shall be completed within 3 hours. The over in progress at the completion of the time allowance shall count as a completed over for the purposes of this calculation.

3.2 The Umpires shall have the power to make allowance for time lost during an innings (including, but not limited to, drinks breaks and time wasted by the batting side) and to deduct such time from the total time taken to complete the innings. The Umpire at the bowling end will inform the fielding captain, the batsmen and his fellow umpire of any time allowances as and when they arise. The allowances shall not be subject to retrospective negotiation.

3.3 A side that fails to bowl the overs in the time allowed (as adjusted by 3.2 above) will have points deducted as follows:

More than 3 hours but less than 3 hours 15 minutes: one point Between 3 hours 15 minutes and 3 hours 30 minutes: two points More than 3 hours 30 minutes: 3 points

(a) It is within the Spirit of the Game to advise Captains when they are falling behind the required over rate, and in addition to advise them at the close of play if points are to be deducted. Failure by the Umpires to comply with this clause (a) shall not invalidate the deduction of points.

3.4 A side bowling the opposition out within 3 hours will not be subject to any penalties.

3.5 For other innings which do not last 50 overs in a match in which a result is achieved (i.e. all except abandoned games), the time allowed will be pro-rated to the 50 overs in three hours allowance and any points deduction calculated by equivalent pro-rating to the time allowances in 3.3 above.

3.6 A side cannot return a negative value in points in a match. In any such cases the return will be 0 points.


4.1 Clubs undertake to abide by the Voluntary Code of Conduct.

4.2 Should there be any apparent conflict between the League Constitution, Code of Conduct and playing conditions, the League Constitution shall prevail.


5.1 The Management Committee shall have the power to take appropriate action against individuals or member clubs in the event of misconduct or breaches of either the Constitution or the Playing Conditions of the League.

5.2 These powers shall include, but shall not be limited to, the imposition of fines, the suspension of players, the deduction of points, the awarding of matches to the opposition, and the relegation of an offending Club.